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The choice of Knicks & Morant / Barrett will be made for them

CHICAGO – As Zion Williamson leaves the city, Knicks Brass has interrogated his winger duke, RJ Barrett, Wednesday morning in Chicago, according to an NBA source. In the afternoon, Ja Morant, the leader of the Murray State, grilled in brass

After months of hope, Williamson is eliminated and the Knicks focus on the two most likely candidates at 3, Barrett and Morant.

Knicks President Steve Mills, General Manager Scott Perry, Coach David Fizdale and Development Director Craig Robinson interviewed Barrett, whose grand year was overshadowed by Williamson's mega-hype.

Unless the Knicks use the third choice of a package for Anthony Davis, which can prove to be a difficult task, the choice will elude them. Memphis will probably decide the future of the Knicks when he decides between Morant and Barrett.

Mike Conley is a star leader in Memphis, but he is 32 and the Grizzlies are considering a youth movement. Memphis wanted to shop at Conley last season. Clippers' advisor Jerry West was quoted as saying that Morant was the best talent in the repechage – better than Williamson. Draftexpress, the main model project, reports Memphis hangs on Morant.

Barrett, six feet seven, scored more points (860) this season than any freshman in CCA history – the only player in a Power 5 conference to score at least 13 points in each game played. He can also play three positions.

While fans of the Knicks are disappointed not to land Williamson, the franchise has beaten all obstacles. There was a 59.8% chance that the franchise would go to 4 or 5

"There is really a plateau in this project and the Knicks have fallen on the right side," said one of the NBA's directors.

Barrett, a native of the Toronto area, played at school when he was a boy in New York, after his father, Rowan, played for St. John's. Rowan started a professional basketball career abroad.

His son RJ is renowned for his exceptional penetrations with a perimeter shot, although his percentage of 3 points at Duke is disappointing at 30.8.

"We would go see the family and take them to the blacktop," Rowan recently told Slam. "I went to school in New York, so I just traveled to Harlem and Coney Island. I understood what it was and how important it was for him. The game of the city does not do a lot of jumping. It's a lot going to the edge. Understand how to get to the edge. Nobody calls faults. All the rubbish talk, the chatter. Can you play while someone is talking to you? Do not look on the side. Dad can not help you. So we took him there this summer and it was great for his development in terms of tenacity. He learned the European way and then played in Brooklyn. "

The Knicks could also slip away and take defenseman Virginia, defender D'Andre Hunter's defenseman, who is unlikely to show up in this week's NBA game, likely due to a draft guarantee. The Knicks are looking to add defenders this season.

If the Knicks reach their summer dreams, Kyrie Irving could be a new starting team, Barrett at the guard, Kevin Knox the little forward, Kevin Durant the power carrier and Mitchell Robinson at the center.

The lottery also clarified their future draft picks in Dallas. If Dallas is no longer in the top 5, the Knicks will probably be in first place in the Mavericks of 2021 and 2023 instead of 2022 and 2024. These are assets likely to be offered to the Pelicans in a package for Davis.

Mills and Perry refused to meet local media for two consecutive days.



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