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The new seasons of Destiny 2 will change the game world – and then end

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The annual Destiny 2 Pass followed its expansion of Forsaken with new solid ideas for the game. Each of them introduced new activities and new loot, as well as slow-drop stories that developed to the times elements of Forsaken and the world of the game in general. The way Bungie tells the story of the game has changed, and it seems that when Shadowkeep's expansion arrives, Bungie will push that envelope even further.

That's what emerges from a blog post from director Luke Smith, describing a bit more about how the new season system works in the third year of Destiny 2. First, Bungie introduces a season pass system similar to that of Fortnite. and Apex Legends, which will provide a steady stream of rewards for both those buying the $ 10 pass for the season and for free players.

Smith also explained Bungie's new approach to the seasons, which will include content and events of limited duration that will only exist during these seasons. This is partly to address the technical limitations of the game – as Smith pointed out in his blog Director's Cut detailing the upcoming changes in Shadowkeep, Destiny 2 can not continually add new activities each season that are now part of the game with the annual pass). In order to keep the game more and more out of control, some of these activities need to be phased out.

But Bungie's goal with Shadowkeep and beyond is also formed to enhance the ongoing narrative in the game. The idea is to make players feel they are part of an evolving story in Destiny, instead of just going through a new set of story missions every two or three months as the number of content extensions decreases. Destiny's approach to the "changing world" means that the seasons will have complete arcs that will unfold during their 10-week existence.

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Along the way, you'll see new cinematics and new loot, but once the season is over, the activities and storytelling that goes with it will disappear. There is however a caveat: loot only available during a specific season will remain in the game and will be accessible from other activities. You will be able to get the armor, weapons and other specific equipment of a season, even if you wish. missed grabbing it during real events. These items will not be available right away, however, so it remains an incentive for players to get what they want during events and moments in the story when they are relevant.

Smith explained how the new seasons could be played out with an example using the Black Armory, the first season of the Destiny 2 Annual Pass from 2019. In his (fictional) example, the season could start with a countdown to 39. at the arrival of Ada -1, the character at the center of the season's history. This could introduce players to a timed event in the Ada arrival tower and a season-driven cinematic, before you then start working with Ada to achieve the season's story goals.

Smith wrote that during the season, things will change as you reach more and more your goals. The Ada area in the tower would turn as its Black Armory operation would become more stable and new story elements – such as an interaction between it in the Drifter – would take place en route. As the season continued, the conversation between Ada and the Drifter naturally began to show the story of the next season (in this example, it would be Drifter's season) as the current season ended. . At the same time, you will notice that Ada started to prepare her operations in the last weeks of the season, before leaving the Tour definitively. At this point, the story that has developed with the Drifter takes over, with more cosmetic changes and new cutscenes to train you.

Eventually, other characters, like Banshee-44, would explain that Ada left diagrams for the weapons you could earn from Black Armory – and that you can now get them from him.

It was a fictional example, but it also gave a clear idea of ​​what Bungie thought in terms of content and unpublished stories in Destiny 2. Bungie wants to make these moments and activities a more experienced experience for the players. then conjure up memories rather than things that drag in the game forever (and end up losing their luster).

The first season that will see these changes in storytelling is the undead season, which launches alongside Shadowkeep. But as Bungie told us at Gamescom, Undying and Shadowkeep are different things. The best way to understand this is that Shadowkeep tells a story about the activities of the hive on the moon; The Season of the Undying tells Vex's answer.

Although Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying are two separate things, Undying will be included in Shadowkeep's $ 40 prize. Three more seasons are planned for the third year of Destiny 2, with Season of the Dawn following Undying. Each new season will include items that players can access for free, but to get a complete idea of ​​the new content, you'll need to spend $ 10 on the next Destiny Season Pass.


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