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The new update of Dead Cells allows you to summon a giant's fist to hit your enemies

Dead Cells is discreetly one of the best 2D fighting games on PC, a very nice roguelike with gorgeous pixel graphics and a growing range of weapons, traps and bombs. Update 14: Who is the boss? Extend the armory with some of the most delirious weapons of the game, such as a frying pan (very powerful) and a giant fist.

The update adds seven elements and six new monsters inspired by the dreaded bosses of the game. You summon the fist of the size of a god of a giant with a magic whistle. Curiously, the giant chooses who he decides to break. It seems that he is targeting the most powerful enemy on the screen, but while I was playing, he would occasionally erase a zombie in another room and take care of his belongings.

It's still funny, but it also shows how the world of Dead Cells has developed since it entered early access in 2017. Dead Cells began as an exhausting and minimalist fighting game inspired of Dark Souls and Binding of Isaac. This is always difficult, but a few years of updates have added a layer of inventive tools that allow more experimentation, although not as much as the developers want. This update is designed to make the "glass cannon" builds viable at the end of the game, where shields may seem like a must. Who's the Boss adds three melee-based mutations to increase the damage inflicted in the most aggressive play styles.

Experienced Dead Cells players will recognize this giant fist as belonging to The Giant, added as a new boss a few months ago. The new items all represent the power of the prisoner to steal defeated bosses. New enemies will also appear in the biomes leading to the boss arena, to give new players an experience of this boss's ugliest attacks. It does not make it easy for the bosses, but makes the game more fair. Being killed instantly by an irreproachable attack that you have never seen before does not do you any good.

The new weapons are the star of the update for me, though. There is an electric dash that leaves a trail of flames. If you press the dash command when the prisoner stops, he will rush again. Motion Twin tells me that one of the first versions of Dead Cells had a quick dash, later replaced by the role because it felt a lot better. By making the table adjustable, long-range and adding fire, it is pleasant to use. I've also enjoyed the big red ax that you can load to give a very risky and very damaging shot. Then there is the panoramic, which is sold in the last vlog at the top of this post.

During my visit to Motion Twin last week, I had the opportunity to glimpse some updates being updated planned for Dead Cells in several months. There is a studio dedicated to the new features of Dead Cells and a small team of seasoned developers developing new ideas in rapid prototyping, one of which could become the next project of the team. More information on this process soon.


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