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The next event of Smash Bros. Ultimate presents exclusive spirits

Nintendo has announced the next in-game event for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This week's Spirit event is entitled "Oh Yeah! Mario Time!". It features a variety of characters from the Mario series, as well as a handful of exclusive spirits that you can not get otherwise.

Unlike the two previous Spirit events in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate up to now, both only being available for three days, the "Oh Yeah! Mario Time!" The event will begin on December 27th at 10:00 pm (December 28th at 10:00 am Paris time) and will continue until the same time on January 1st. You have five days to enjoy it. During this period, an assortment of Mario spirits, such as legendary class Pauline and Dry Bowser, will appear more frequently on the Spirits Chart. You will also earn extra gold for defeating these spirits.

In addition to this, the event will also feature some exclusive Super Mario Party party spirits: the Novice Class Dice Block, the Advanced Class River Survival Course and the Ace Class Golden Dash Mushroom. These three were not yet available in the game and will appear every day at specific times throughout the event. You will want to add them to your collection while they are still there.

Nintendo organizes each week a different Spirit event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Last week's event was the first part of the Fire Emblem Fest, which allowed Fire Emblem characters such as Azura and Eliwood to appear more frequently on the Spirit Board. Nintendo has not yet announced the date of the second part, but this should be held in January.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has so far been a big success for Nintendo, breaking sales records for the series worldwide since its launch earlier this month. The game has also met with widespread success among critics. GameSpot has selected it as one of our top 10 video games in 2018. "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate contains so many wonderful things that even in the short time that has elapsed between its release and our discussions on the best of the year, with immense joy, "we said.


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