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This player from Fallout 76 lives under the map

Fallout 76 lets you browse your camp almost anywhere on the map, but it's not a trivial thing to find a place that offers plenty of scope for expansion and that's also easy to defend when other players or monsters roam. The player Mrs P has found an intelligent solution to this problem by building her camp under the game, where there is only a vast expanse of empty space.

The entrance to Ms. P.'s camp is above ground, but you can not just go through a door to access her secret underground base. Instead, you must activate a cooking station hidden in a wall, which will then drop you to the world. You can see how to create your own underground entrance here and take a tour of the MrsP base below.

She told Kotaku that it took a long time for the trick to work, but she has since been able to create a proper base, with greenhouses and floating bridges, below which is just an empty space.

"The white space under the map is an instant death," she said. "If they leave the platform, they die, so I installed fences to keep people in. The camp itself is really fantastic. above the ground and a generator underground, I dragged the power line to me a few days for the entrance itself to work.I died several times. "

From her lair, she is also able to spy on the world from above and watch the nuclear bombs go off. She intends to target her camp and see what happens. Science demands sacrifices. Although it makes her look like a supervillain, she apparently hosts guests and buyers in her underground home.

I've played a lot more at Fallout 76 than I thought because of the basic building, but my cabin is starting to look well fucked now that I'm looking at the creation of Mrs P. Of course, it There is a nice view, comfortable chairs and I have had no complaints from visitors, but she just has an ordinary door and she does not exist outside of reality. It's very simple.


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