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Tim Willits, formerly of Id Software, is now Chief Creative Officer at NBA Playgrounds, developer Saber Interactive

Tim Willits is now working for Saber Interactive, as confirmed by a Fortune report. As Creative Director, he will be a major decision maker in the company's future direction.

Saber Interactive is currently working on The Witcher's ambitious Switch port 3, as well as on Ghostbusters: The Remastered Video Game. They are best known for developing the NBA Playground titles, as well as World War Z, which sold very well. The company was founded in 2001 and has grown considerably since their first game in 2003, Will Rock.

According to the report, he will guide the more than 500 studio employees in creating new IP addresses and developing games on their five international studios. Willits would love to work with small teams and grow independently. "When someone has a good idea, we jump on it," he told Fortune. "If it does not work, we change it quickly."

Willits also says that Saber is currently studying other sports that they could explore as part of their Playgrounds series.

Willits left id Software last month after Quakecon, promising to announce future plans soon. His first credit in the company concerned The Ultimate Doom, for which he was the level designer of episode 4, "Thy Flesh Consumed," released in 1995. His latest credit , rightly, will be on Eternal Doom.


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