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Total War: Shogun 2's best DLC is now a stand-alone saga

Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai is a brilliant expansion that opposes samurai wielding the sword to soldiers armed with weapons in some of Total 's most senseless battles. She suddenly becomes the all-new Total War saga. Surprise?

Fall of the Samurai is now a standalone saga, like Thrones of Britannia, and is no longer available as a Shogun 2 extension. If you already have it, you will receive all free downloadable content, at the same time. exception of the blood pack.

It's a first for Total War, but it makes sense. Although Thrones of Britannia was the first saga, it shares many traits with the autonomous expansion of Empire, Napoleon and The Fall of the Samurai. They are all built on the basis of another game, but they are more experimental and focus on a much smaller part of the story. Rebranding only formalizes their connection. I would not be so surprised if Napoleon joined them.

With the Steam rating attributed to Thrones of Britannia, it probably helps the reputation of the new series to have something more popular. It's a bit of a rewrite history, but it also seems appropriate for Total War.

A third saga could also appear soon. Creative Assembly recently filed a trademark application for Total War Saga: Troy, so we risk making a detour through mythology.

Total War Saga: The fall of the samurai enjoys a 75% discount on Steam for the week and is definitely worth the detour.


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