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Troubleshooting Pressure Washer Parts |

A problem with your pressure washer may be caused by the pressure washer parts. There are some things you should check in order to complete a pressure washer repair. This troubleshooting checklist applies to both a hot water pressure washer or a cold water pressure washer.

General Things to Check

First, simply check if the engine and fuel switches are in the “ON” position. If they are and the power pressure washer does not start, you could have faulty wiring or a bad switch that needs to be replaced.

Other general troubleshooting tips for your pressure water include:

  1. Check oil and gas levels to make sure that they are appropriate.
  2. Check to make sure that the water tap is open and working properly.
  3. In addition to checking the “ON” switches, check the choke and throttle levers to make sure that they are functioning correctly.
  4. Make sure that the proper nozzle is in place for the type of pressure washing that you are engaged in.
  5. Make sure that the water inlet screen is not clogged.
  6. Prime the engine by pull starting it several times to help keep it running properly.
  7. Check the couplers and the O-rings in the lance where the nozzle is set to make sure that they are not worn or in need of replacement.
  8. The gun trigger should be held open while pull starting the pressure washer.

Check the Power Washer Pressure