Wear the Allbirds all the time with their new Trino sock line

I know they are comfortable, but you can not always wear Allbirds … or can you? The manufacturer of your favorite super soft sneakers has just switched to socks. So you can have Allbirds on your feet, no matter what shoe you wear. The new Trino socks from the brand offer all the comfort you know and love with their sneakers using the same natural materials: trees and wool.

The unisex socks are made from merino wool and eucalyptus from sustainable sources, which makes them not only environmentally friendly, but also highly breathable, odor-free, sweat-proof and soft. A stripe at the sole of the foot allows more traction and less slippage between your sock and the shoe, while the reinforced heel promises increased durability.

The socks come in three different styles: Trino Hiders $ 12, the most discreet; $ 14 Trino Quarters, a classic ankle sock; and $ 16 Trino Tubers, for lovers of tube socks. Each style is available in six different colors, including neutral grays and dazzling pastels.

And yes, Allbirds shoes are known for their ability to be worn without socks, but depending on the brand, socks and shoes are a combination of unbeatable comfort. Or of course, you can simply bring that Trino comfort in wool and tree fiber to another pair of shoes.



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