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Wu-Tang clan destroys house at Tribeca Film Fest

The Wu-Tang clan celebrated the premiere of the film "The Wu-Tang Clan: Mics and Men" presented at the Tribeca Film Festival with a cheery performance at the sold-out Beacon Theater on Thursday night.

After a screening of the first half of the four parades featuring hip-hop personalities such as Nas, Havoc by Mobb Deep and Kevin Mercer of De La Soul, the famous New York rapp rap took the stage for a catchy performance of their greatest hits, such as "CREAM", "Protect Ya Neck" and "Triumph", which easily exceed the half-hour promised by RZA at the group's release.

While the founding member, GZA, was absent, the other surviving members were all present for the abbreviated concert and were even joined on stage by Ol 'Dirty Bastard's son, Young Dirty Bastard, who replaced the late rapper.

Twenty-five years after forever changing hip-hop with the release of their debut album, "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)," band members can all be middle-aged, but that's not all. did not stop them from treating a crowd. Method Man knocks a crowd of bottled water and Ghostface Killah shows his best dance steps.

Earlier in the evening, director Sacha Jenkins introduced the document and pointed to the literary allusion in his title.

"At the time we live, to understand the Wu-Tang story is to understand a very narrative story, which is why I called the movie" Of Mics and Men, "he explained. "Because we all know the American classic" Of Mice and Men "."

He continued, "Often, as black artists, we are put in a black box and they want us to talk about our art only during Black History Month. But we are American and it is American art, and America will not change until America treats us as Americans. "

"Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men" premiered on Showtime on May 10th.

Warning: explicit language



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